3 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself (Even When You Don’t Feel Inspired)

Dec 5

Why am I not motivated right now? I mean, this is my PASSION. Why do I need the motivation to follow through?

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Finding motivation can be tough, even when you’re doing what you love or working on bettering yourself in an area of your life.

What if we told you that you actually have the power of self-motivation? That you can motivate yourself despite your emotions, despite the pull of that new Netflix show, and despite your self-doubt?

It’s possible. Read on to learn how to inspire yourself, even when you feel like a stick in the mud.


Happy people are 31% more productive than unhappy people.

I know that happy/unhappy isn’t always that cut and dry, but guess what? Your mindset is.

You have the power to get into a positive mindset. Here are a few simple tips on how.

1. You know that anxious feeling when you start thinking about one thing and it leads to the next, and then the next, and the next, and the next, and before you know it you’re crying in the car on the way to McDonald’s for a dipped ice cream cone? Yeah, let’s change that.

We call that snowballing. The key is to catch it before it catches you and takes you down with it.

Learn to recognize a snowball forming before it gets out of hand, then stop it in its tracks. Change your thought process to something positive instead.

2. Express your gratitude. Our team makes it a non-negotiable to write out a few things we are grateful for during our journaling sessions every single day. Nothing turns a sour attitude around like meditating for a few minutes on the best things in your life.

Your habits dictate what’s going on with you. If you consistently rein in your power to change your mindset, your mindset will more consistently be (you guessed it!) positive and happy.

Which means you’ll be more positive and happy.

Wait, maybe happiness is more cut and dry than we thought. 


What made you start bettering yourself and your life in the first place? 

Was it the desire to design your own life? The new wardrobe? 

Did you want to start a side hustle to save for a trip to Italy? Were you sick and tired of working in a job that was unfullfing?

When you don’t want to get off the couch and get your ass in the office chair, remind yourself: you’re choosing that resistance over your trip to Italy. Over your freedom.

Because your freedom isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. It takes a lot of hustle and flow to get where you want to go.

It can be tough to remember, though. To help, print out a few pictures that represent your ‘Why’ and frame them in areas where you tend to slack off the most or create a vision board. They should provide you with a gentle, positive nudge in the right direction—the direction of your dreams.

Also, join a community of like-minded women who (just like you) want to do it all AND live their very best life (p.s. That’s EXACTLY what our free Hustle Flow Daily Facebook community is for – come join us now by texting HUSTLEFLOWDAILY to (855) 976-0667 to get access!).


Who doesn’t love being rewarded for good work? There’s a reason that US businesses spend more than $100 billion per year on incentive programs in the workplace. 

Here’s the thing about you, though: you may not be in those workplaces. Your butt is sitting in your home office or in your current 9-5, reading this post, trying to figure out the secret sauce to just getting your work done.

The secret? Honestly, the stuff you have to do just isn’t that hard. So what’s keeping you from it? And what’s it going to take to get you to do it?

You know yourself better than I do. Is it a trip to the mall to buy yourself that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing? Maybe it’s something small, like a bite of the chocolate bar on your bedside right now. Maybe it’s a self-care routine, like drawing yourself a steaming bubble bath to relax in.

It doesn’t matter what you pick. It matters that you pick something. 

You can do better for yourself. Treat yourself after accomplishing a task to thank yourself for taking another step toward your big dream. 


Now you’ve read up on our three favorite motivation methods for when you’re feeling shitty! Are you ready to get back in the ring and motivate yourself today?

After all, your self-worth is your net worth. That’s something we stand by firmly (and that we’ll preach ‘til we’re blue in the face).

Want to step up your self-care and create a non-negotiable success routine?

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