Create A Morning and Evening Routine That Supports Your Goals

Dec 6

Self-care and Self-love are words we are sure you have heard buzzing around online lately.

TRUTH – Your Net Worth Is A Reflection of Your Self Worth

We want to make sure that we keep up with our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Energy is everything. In our career and in our personal life. When we look good, we feel good, and everything is just damn good!

When we treat our bodies like sh*t and fuel it with sh*tty food and toxic news, for example, we are taking ourselves further and further away from achieving our goals.

Think about it.

How many successful people and celebrities can you think of, party the night away, eat Wendy’s every night, don’t exercise, and STILL successfully run their empires.

Not many.

And the ones that seem like they are, trust us, their not.

The leaders are keeping healthy routines. Putting their self-care above anything else and they know that personal development is an everyday commitment.

Customizing your morning and evening routine to work for you is KEY in actually sticking to it. The secret to this is actually sticking to a consistent routine. Long-term commitment is what leads to long-term success.

Creating a morning and evening routine that supports your goals and career growth begins with putting yourself first, nurturing your mind, body, and soul before stepping out into the world.

You are a effing queen. Start treating yourself like the queen that you are. The queen doesn’t hop out of bed and begin her day with craziness and in reaction mode as soon as she opens her eyes, NO! She’s the queen. She gets up, she has her tea, her crumpets, takes a walk in the garden (or squats for that booty growth), takes a relaxing bath, reads a book, she gets glammed, THEN she answers to her duty and presents herself to the world.

She doesn’t just hit the snooze button 50 times, rolls out of bed, into the shower, while doing and thinking of 500 million other things THEN heads straight into work where she gets bombarded with sh*t every day, to come home exhausted to fight with her boyfriend, make a quick dinner and spend 5 seconds with herself, to try to write that Instagram caption, and then go to bed to do it all over again.

Sorry for the graphic description BUT for real, this epidemic is SERIOUS and it is time that women start putting themselves first, fill their own cup up before serving to the rest of the world. If not, we are going to risk more women burning out, not being able to share their gifts with the worlds and that in itself is a crisis.

When you start putting your self-care above anything else and give yourself the love and attention you deserve – all aspects of your life, start to flourish. We promise, if you implement a routine for even just 3 DAYS, you will notice a HUGE difference.

So promise us, you are not just going to read this blog post and continue as if you know we are not totally right and commit to the three-day #selfworthnetworthchallenge RIGHT NOW!

Then continue reading so you can create your own perfect morning and evening routine that is going to set you up for success.


  • Read
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Workout
  • Stretch
  • Yoga
  • Workout
  • Eat a nourishing meal
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Goal Setting
  • Vision Mapping
  • Visualize
  • Walk
  • Swim
  • Shower
  • Glam (Hair/Makeup)
  • Favorite Movie/TV Show
  • Dance
  • X – Insert your favorite activity here


7:30AM- Get out of bed, get the coffee going, shower, and get some comfy lounge clothes on (if you are working from home!)

8AM- Breakfast

8:30AM- Journaling, drink your coffee, set goals/read some personal development books/listen to a podcast/journal – Something to fuel your mind

9AM- Get started on your work day, reminding yourself to be present and just breathe


5PM- Done working

6PM-Prepping for dinner

7PM-Read a book or watch some healthy TV (Something funny or inspirational)

8PM- Gym time

9PM- Shower

9:30PM- Journaling and visualization

10PM- Bed Time

Now, if you have any babies other than fur babies or if you work full-time, of course, your morning and evening routine are going to look a lot different, that is ok. You want to create a morning and evening routine that aligns with your day realistically, even if it’s only 30 minutes to yourself in the morning and evenings, that is still better than ZERO. The key here is to find what works for you.


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